Katarina Baliova


Katarina Baliova

Healer and well-being coach working with sound, yoga, movement, breathing and art. Her spiritual path started 15 years ago through studies of dance and yoga combined with meditation and breathing practices. Katarina has been working with ancestral medicines for over 7 years, assisting many shamans and taitas in ceremonies with Peyote, Ayahuasca, San Pedro (Awakoya), Rape, Kambo and Temazcal.  She is also trained Reiki healer working with crystals in her therapies. One of her most powerful medicines as healer is her voice and connection to the element of water. Katarina shares her folk and medicine music during ceremonies and connects to the spirit through sound in process of healing.

Spirit Within

‘Belief is the little place within your spirit, where magic grows.’

We Are Art

‘We are here to create…’

Mind, Body & Soul

‘The Mind is its thoughts, the Heart is it Desire, and the Soul is it experiences.’

Connect to the great spirit through your senses, hearing our ancestors within and tunning to the vibration of our Earth to protect our Mother Nature and to shine your full potential.



Aura Balancing

Crystal Therapy

Chakras Healing

Deeo Tissues Energy Massage

Natural oils & Aromatherapy

Folk & Medicine

Music is medicine, it is healing frequency from deep routes of the spirit remembered through our ancestors. The impact of healing harmonies has been integral part of the human experience.


Understand your inner peace and strength within, through breathing and inner release, using the unity and struggle of contradictions. Believe in the incredible power of the body, that finding the awareness of the body brings peace and consciousness to the mind.