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Spirit Art Health Retreat

Retreat designed to work on three levels- Spiritual, Mental and Physcial, working with daily routines: meditation, yoga, chakras healing, breathing, sound journey, healthy organic food. It is suitable for all age groups, families, and couples.


Retreat designed for healing and expanding through senses and creativity. Awakening your senses and inner wisdom, connecting to your ability to live & love, create and heal. Using painting expressionism, through creation of your sacred space, body movement, connecting with nature and elements, breathing practices, colour therapy and through discovery of your inner voice via sound journey. It is suitable for small groups, teams, family and also for individuals and couples.


Retreat designed for healing of utero and balancing feminine and masculine energy, through creativity, movement, nature connection, breathing, sound. Finding feminine voice and power, through Mother nature and connecting to natural flow and vulnerability. Working with inner goddess and water element. It is suitable for women of all ages.

Short Yoga Retreat

Retreat designed for yoga beginners and those who would like to deepen understanding of yoga practice. Working with hatha yoga – learning principal positions and its connection with breathing through tension and release, working with daily meditations in natural environment, eating healthy organic food and connecting to your inner peace through practice of yoga. It is suitable for beginners and semi advance yoga students of all ages.

Long Yoga Retreat

Retreat designed for advance yoga practice, further developing your practice. Daily practice of yoga combining flow, breathing and meditation connecting to sequence of postures, which are series in flow motion with cardio focus, as well as stretching with breathing through whole practice. In essence practicing system of classical Hatha-Raja yoga, where base of it is Asana and Pranayama. During this intense Yoga retreat we will be working on expansion using  four directions & four elements through yoga medicine wheel connecting to the infinite potential of SELF. It is designed for advanced yoga students of all ages, great for small groups and teams.


Retreat designed for those who wish to detox their body and spirit, working with daily meditations, walks, movements classes, cardio training, stretching through base yoga. Through juicing therapy we will be detoxing our internal organs and through breathing practices reaching connection to higher self to balance and heal. It is designed for those who wish to detox their body through movement, juicing, organic raw food, breathing, basic yoga and meditations.


Enjoy and Love